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Remedy Displays

A Visual Effect for Dispensaries

Visual Merchandising

- Modular Designs - Doing More With Less

Designer Made Displays

Remedy Displays Bud bar displays Highlight Display - L Side view marijuana display

The team behind Remedy Displays understands that "Presentation is Everything". Our visual products help attract and can influence the way customers shop for standout products. Many of the components are modular and will certainly serve the brand, the products and culture. 

Effortless Template Downloads

All of our displays provide ample signage areas that make it easy to highlight brands and product information. For your convenience, die lines to all displays are available. Just pick your product, download templates and provide your artwork to any quality printing company. 

Then start merchandising! It's just that easy. 

Remedy Display edibles Tray highlight display bud bar displays cannabis storage container edibles display

About Us

Remedy Displays - produces elevated displays and offers them at reasonable prices. The uniquely designed components are engineered for the variety of cannabis products and packaging sold in the retail market. We have visual merchandising solutions for products such as: Vape pens, Cartridges, Flower, Pre rolls, Tubes, Joints, Extracts, Concentrates, Jars, Tinctures, Bags, Bottles, Canisters and more.

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